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Grill Accessories
Outdoor Fire Pits and Grills

Outdoor Grill Accessories

No grilling session is complete without the proper accessories. From sauces, seasonings, woodchips, and cookbooks to mitts, scrapers, brushes and pans, Christy Sports has all your grilling necessities.
Make sure you’re fully stocked up on the tools you need to have a flawless day of grilling. We’ve got many utensils like tongs, spatulas, brushes, skewers, and pans. The possibilities are endless for whichever method you choose to cook your food. Not to mention, you’ll be prepared for any grilling challenges, mishaps or picky eaters that come your way.

If you’re a Big Green Egg owner, we’ve got lots of accessories to pair with your unit, including a variety of seasonings and sauces, wood chips, mitts, utensils, and many griddles, presses or pans for cooking the ultimate feast. Are you in need of a digital thermometer? We’ve got it. Grill Cover? We’ve got that too. Charcoal starter? Grill extender? Ash collector? Lid Lifter? Christy’s has all that in stock from Big Green Egg. Check out all the Big Green goods here.

We also carry a variety of cookbooks seasonings and sauces to really pump up your meals. Spicy, savory, sweet and/or salty – whichever craving you have can be fixed with the assortments we offer. Maybe you already have the perfect marinade whipped up and are looking for the appropriate applicator? Check out our collection of sauce mops, racks, flavor injectors, or rotisserie kits. The possibilities are endless. Additionally, the kits we offer are great starter packs and secondary packs to make sure you are fully equipped to grill, stack, flip, roast, bake and serve to get the most out of your next cookout showdown.

Check out popular brands like Traeger, Napoleon, Saber, and Big Green Egg , each offering an extensive selection of grill accessories for a flawless day of home cookin’.


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