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How to Light a Fire Pit

How to Light a Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit can really pull your backyard oasis together offering the perfect ambiance on those cool Rocky Mountain evenings. Not only is it often a focal point to your patio area, an outdoor fire pit is the perfect setting to gather around for late night stories and laughs, but it's not all fun and games. All too often you hear stories of a startling waft of flame and singed hairs or worse. Whether you have propane or a natural gas fire pit, you always need to be cautious when lighting. Here are a few simple steps to ensure you safely enjoy a relaxing night around the flame.

Fire Pit Safety

How to Light a Propane Fire Pit

Step 1

Before you begin, always make sure the valve on the propane tank and the valve on the fire pit are closed or turned to the off position.

Step 2

Open the valve on the propane tank first. Then light a long match or use a wand lighter so your hand is a safe distance away from the flame. Nestle the flame in the center of the pit while turning the valve on your fire pit open. Once it is ignited, immediately remove the lighter.

Lighting a Propane Fire Pit Propane Fire Pit Propane Fire Pit

Step 3

Adjust the flame to your preferred setting. Turning off your outdoor fire pit is as simple as turning the valve on the propane tank to the off position, followed by the fire pit valve.

How to Light a Gas Fire Pit

Step 1

If your fire pit is hooked up to a natural gas line, you will want to ensure the fire pit valve is closed before beginning.

Step 2

Light a long handled lighter or a long match. Hold the flame in the center of the burn area, while slowly turning the valve open. As soon as it ignites, pull the lighter or match away from the flame.

Step 3

Adjust the flame to your desired setting, and now you have the means to get outside and enjoy!

Lighting a Natural Gas Fire Pit

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