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Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for more information and answers to our most commonly asked questions

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    Q: Why don't we show prices on some items?

  • A: Certain manufacturers don't allow us to advertise prices once they drop below a set point while other manufacturers forbid online sales forcing us to omit prices on our website. If you are looking at something on our website that doesn't have a price, please call or come in to any of our showrooms and we will gladly give you a price quote.
  • Q: How long should patio furniture last?

  • A: We only stock high quality furniture, made from various materials ranging from wood to wrought iron. Each of these textiles have a different level of durability which relates directly to their longevity. Rest assured that what you are purchasing is the best that the industry has to offer, and you will get many years of enjoyment from our products.
  • Q: Will my new patio furniture get hot?

  • A: Each material will react differently when left out in the sun. Our wood and woven furniture will be cooler to the touch, whereas our metal frames will get hotter when exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Once removed from direct sunlight an aluminum frame will cool off much faster than a wrought iron or steel frame.
  • Q: Why does the patio furniture at Christy Sports seem more costly than other places?

  • A: We sell outdoor furniture that lasts. Our products have higher quality finishes, superior frame and cushion materials, are more durable, have stronger mechanisms, better craftsmanship, and more comprehensive warranties. Overall, we sell expertly designed premium products from exceptional manufacturers that will last for years in Colorado and Utah's unique weather.
  • Q: Does Christy Sports deliver my new outdoor furniture?

  • A: Our expert team will build your furniture, deliver it, and set it up to your exact specifications.

Christy Sports Patio Furniture Catalog

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Patio Furniture Materials Explained

Learn about the different types of textiles used to build quality patio furniture, and figure out which type of furniture will best fit your needs

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    Casual and Sling

    Extruded Aluminum -

  • The frames are made by bending hollow tubes of aluminum into a specified shape. Due to the fabrication process, extruded aluminum is lighter than cast aluminum, but it is still sturdy, won't rust or corrode, and is sure to withstand the elements for years.
  • Cast Aluminum -

  • Molten aluminum is poured into a mold resulting in a solid frame rather than a hollow frame. The casting process allows for more ornate design features as well as a heavier finished product that won't rust or corrode. The additional weight is ideal for windy areas.
  • Sling -

  • Made from PVC and polyester; sling furniture pairs comfort with unmatched breathability. The sling material is naturally weather resistant and will withstand the elements for years while retaining its tautness.
  • HDPE -

  • High Density Polyethylene furniture is made entirely from recycled products, making this product very environmentally friendly. HDPE furniture is impervious to moisture, quite heavy, and the color runs all the way through making it exceptionally durable.
  • Woven -

  • We sell only hand woven furniture infused with UV inhibitors. These synthetic wicker pieces are well built and extremely durable. Wrapped around powder coated aluminum frames, this synthetic material provides a tear resistant surface with an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Wood

    Ipe -

  • Ipe wood comes directly from sustainably managed Bolivian forests which are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This dense hardwood results in heavier furniture which is beneficial for people seeking a naturally beautiful product that lasts in all weather conditions.
  • Teak -

  • Teak is a durable hardwood with a naturally high oil content and a very tight grain pattern, making it an extremely resilient product. Teak is exceptionally durable and, without maintenance, will naturally acquire a beautiful silver-grey patina.
  • Wrought Iron -

  • Wrought Iron furniture is made from steel and then finished with a durable powder coating. Due to its inherently high tinsel strength, this furniture can showcase thin, ornate lines without sacrificing strength or durability. Wrought iron furniture requires little maintenance, and is ideal for windy regions.

Outdoor Furniture Articles

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Patio Furniture Maintenance & Care Information

Periodic cleaning and maintenance helps to preserve the beauty and longevity of your new patio furniture. Each material type calls for different care, so below you will find general cleaning guidelines for each type of outdoor furniture material. For additional care tips, please visit the manufacturers website. As a special note, never use harsh or abrasive chemicals such as 409, Windex, or bleach to clean any of your patio furniture.

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    Teak -

  • Teak requires different levels of maintenance depending on what finish you desire. When left to age naturally, teak furniture develops a beautiful silver-grey patina. Regular applications of teak cleaner and protector are recommended. Teak cleaning products are available at Christy Sports. Furniture covers are not recommended for wood furniture.
  • Ipe -

  • Without regular cleaning, ipe's finish will naturally weather, creating a grey patina. However, an immediate application of the Penofin Verde sealer followed by 2-3 treatments per season will maintain the rich, chocolate finish. Ipe care products are available at Christy Sports. Furniture covers are not recommended for wood furniture.
  • Wrought Iron -

  • Since all of our wrought iron patio furniture is finished with a durable powder coat, little maintenance is required. If you notice a buildup of dirt or debris, simply wash with a mixture of mild soap and water. Additionally, in order to prevent rust, wrought iron should be checked for scratches in the powder coating. If you find deep scratches, please contact Christy Sports for the appropriate touch up paint.
  • Woven -

  • Synthetic woven patio furniture is incredibly durable and requires little maintenance. Regularly rinsing and washing the furniture with a mild detergent and water mixture will prolong the life of the finish. Make sure to completely rinse all soap residue from the wicker and allow to dry completely before use. Furniture covers are recommended, and can be purchased at Christy Sports.
  • Cast and Extruded Aluminum -

  • A few times a season, simply wash with a mild soap and water mixture, rinse and then dry thoroughly with a towel. We also recommend applying a fine automotive wax once a year to keep the finish looking great. If you notice any areas where bare metal is exposed, please contact Christy Sports to obtain the appropriate touch up paint.
  • HDPE -

  • Since this furniture is made from recycled plastic materials, the cleaning process is quite easy. As needed, simply wash with a mixture of mild soap and water, using a soft bristled brush if dirt has built up in the crevices. Rinse thoroughly and allow ample time to dry before use.
  • Cushions -

  • Brush any dirt from cushions before beginning the cleaning process. Use a mixture of two ounces of gentle soap per one gallon of lukewarm water. Use a sponge to work the soapy water into the cushion, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow the cushions to air dry completely before use.

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