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Patio Umbrellas


Outdoor Patio Umbrellas: 7.5ft, 9ft, & 11ft

Having the perfect patio this summer is something everyone wants, adding an outdoor patio umbrella is a great way to do just that. If you want to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine for a little bit you can easily do that but when that starts to be too much and you are seeking shade, it won’t be hard with the patio umbrella. Here at Christy Sports we are proud to have such an extensive buy into patio umbrellas. We have umbrellas in many shapes and sizes so there is something to fit everyone’s patio. We have three size options for standard umbrellas 7.5 feet, 9 feet, and 11 feet. We also carry a variety of shapes, starting with the standard shape to octagonal and rectangular umbrellas.

Christy Sports has a variety of umbrella bases so you can have a suitable match that is astatically pleasing along with rest of your outdoor living area. In the case you are looking for something a little more free standing we also have cantilever umbrellas so that you don’t have the pole coming down the middle of the umbrella. There are so many options here for you to enjoy and give your patio that controlled shade you want. All of the umbrella we carry allow you to have complete control over how they are shading things. You will have control the angles of the umbrellas and how open or closed they are. If you are looking for a great way to put the final touches on your outdoor living area the umbrella category is here to help you do! Not to forget the umbrellas come in a variety of options so you may add that pop of color your patio needs.

The 7.5 foot umbrella at Christy Sports provide ample shade, and can be found in a variety of eye catching colors and patterns. These smaller umbrellas all have a push button tilt feature which allows you to change the angle of your umbrella.

Christy Sports has an impressive selection of 9 foot umbrella which provide shade for medium areas. These high quality umbrellas have a crank tilt, a push button tilt, or a twist tilt feature that lets you change the angle of your umbrella for optimal shade throughout the day.

The 11 foot umbrella octagonal umbrellas are able to cover a large outdoor area, but are as easy to take down and store as they are to put up. There is also a variety of tilt mechanisms that you can choose from.

Taking a step away from the traditional umbrella shape, these rectangular umbrellas provide plenty of shade for large areas, and they are ideal for rectangular dining sets. Each of these 8’x11’ foot umbrellas has a crank lift feature, but they do not include tilting mechanisms.

Cantilever Umbrellas provide the most customizable shade options because they are easy to use, and include a simple crank lift, a rotating base, and a tilt arm that allows for up to 45 degrees tilt in either direction. Available in 10 ’, 11’, or 13’ canopy sizes, these cantilever umbrellas offer maximum coverage for large outdoor spaces, plus they come in a variety of pleasing colors, so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Christy Sports carries a variety of outdoor patio umbrella bases in different colors and styles. These heavy duty patio umbrella bases help to keep your umbrella as well as your outdoor dining table in place. From art deco to classic styling, as well as pentagonal and square shapes, Christy Sports will help make sure that your new umbrella is secured.