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Your Patio Isn’t Just For Dining Anymore

Christy Sports Veranda - Deep Seating

Thankfully, long gone are the days when decks and patios were solely adorned with splintered picnic tables and folding lounge chairs. Over the last few years, there has been an incredible shift in how people think about and use their outdoor spaces. While outdoor dining areas are still extremely popular due to the leaps and bounds made in manufacturing, styles, and materials; a new trend is gaining popularity throughout back yards in the Rocky Mountains. Deep seating areas are quickly becoming the preferred outdoor space for numerous reasons, but chief among them is comfort. When indoors, most people prefer sitting and relaxing on their sofas rather than at their dining tables, and that same principle is being applied to outdoor spaces. In response to this increasing demand, the industry’s top manufacturers are producing quality deep seating products that are blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor furniture.

dep seating textiles As more people embrace the idea of an outdoor room, they look to mimic their interior style, generally starting with lounge areas. It used to be difficult to find deep seating products that could stand up to the elements without sacrificing comfort and style. Luckily, that is no longer the case. With materials ranging from wrought iron all the way through wicker, aluminum, and wood; manufacturers are clamoring to provide people with various styles to choose from. Today, virtually any style that you find indoors can be also found in a complimentary outdoor style. A variety of sectionals, love seats, sofas, recliners, and lounge chairs are all made to last for years, which brings a new level of comfort and relaxation to your outdoor room.

deep seating cushions Improved cushion construction is one of the leading reasons why outdoor deep seating furniture is becoming so popular. In the past, outdoor cushions were hard, flat and tended to be wrapped in a plastic covering in order to combat moisture. That combination resulted in uncomfortable and unattractive furniture that nobody enjoyed sitting in. Consider this: today, quality outdoor cushions need to be as comfortable and attractive as your interior cushions, but they also have to endure direct sunlight, moisture, wind, and other environmental factors. Because of the abuse that outdoor cushions take, they have to be constructed differently, using layers of moisture resistant fill and fade resistant fabric. The finished product reveals a cushion that looks and feels as if it belongs indoors, but can withstand the elements without fading or breaking down.

Your Outdoor Livingrrom Deep seating furniture allows you to bring the sophistication typically associated with interior furnishings outdoors, effectively adding square footage to your livable space. The abundance of styles has made it relatively easy to find outdoor furniture that compliments your interior furnishings. However; before investing in deep seating furniture, remember that quality reveals itself more and more throughout the years. Unlike big box retailers, Christy Sports carries furniture that is made to last in the Rocky Mountains. Come in to your local Christy Sports or click here to find a location, and let our expert staff answer any questions you may have concerning deep seating products, cushions, or anything else relating to quality outdoor furniture. With an impressive selection of styles and manufacturers, we can help you find the furniture that expresses your style now and into the future.