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How Would An Extra 4-5 Inches Benefit You?

Christy Sports Veranda - Dining Heights

Think about the last time you went out to eat on a nice summer evening. How many people were dining on the patio, and more importantly; were you able to get seated out there? Outdoor dining is far from a new concept, but it is still unbelievably popular during the warmer months, and that popularity isn’t confined solely to restaurants. With the advent of new manufacturing processes and more durable materials, outdoor dining furniture for your deck or patio has never been as stylish, sturdy or as sought after as it is today. With the rising demand for quality outdoor dining furniture on the rise, some of the top companies are providing more options than ever before. While everybody knows what constitutes traditional dining height furniture, fewer people realize that there are different height options available.

Outdoor Dining - Good ConversationChat height offers a more comfortable experience because it effectively blends deep seating furniture with dining features. Because deep seating furniture is lower and designed for maximum comfort while lounging, trying to eat off of a traditional coffee table is usually awkward and punctuated by frequent spills. Typically 4-5 inches taller than normal coffee tables, chat height tables provide plenty of room for food and drinks while making it much easier to dine. Raising the height of the table makes your deep seating furniture more versatile, which is ideal for people with smaller outdoor areas or anyone who simply wants the best of both styles. Taking this versatility one step further, many people use chat height fire-pits as a center piece that provides ambiance as well as ample room for dining. Whether choosing a fire-pit or a standard chat table, conversational height dining options let you make your outdoor area multi-functional.

Dinting Furiture on the DeckSimilar to how chat height patio furniture is the perfect middle ground between coffee tables and dining tables, high dining sets also allow another option beyond traditional dining height furniture. These sets are commonly referred to as counter height, high dining or balcony height, and are 4-5 inches taller than the standard outdoor dining table. This added height affords people better views, which is very beneficial in the mountains as well as the city. People with decks or other elevated outdoor areas often find that standard dining furniture leaves them eye level with a railing. While this is not a problem for everyone, some people have a great view of the mountains or the city, one which is lost when using traditional dining furniture. High dining outdoor furniture solves that problem, providing unobstructed views while dining. Counter height dining sets are a great option because while they are taller, the average height person can still get into and out of them with ease, as well as scoot them forward or back without getting up. High dining options are available from multiple vendors, and come in a variety of styles.

Outdoor Dining furniture  for the BalconyThere is a reason outdoor dining areas at restaurants are always filled on cool summer evenings, and that reason is simple: dining outside is relaxing. With that in mind, don’t relegate outdoor dining to those few summer nights when you go out to eat. Christy Sports carries the largest selection of chat height and high dining outdoor furniture in the Rocky Mountains because we want you to find the style that suits you best. Just come in to your local patio furniture showroom, browse all of the different dining options, and then create your own comfortable outdoor dining area.