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How The Environment Plays An Important Role In
Choosing Outdoor Furniture In The Rocky Mountains

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As everyone around here knows, our mountain climate offers incredibly beautiful summer days, and mild evenings that keep you outside until well after dark. We are lucky enough to live in the Rocky Mountains, but that luxury brings a few environmental factors into consideration when purchasing new outdoor furniture. The majority of patio furniture sold at big box stores is bought on a national level, based on trends out of coastal areas such as Southern California and Florida. Those outdoor furniture sets don’t stand up to the conditions we experience, which is why it is so important to purchase high quality outdoor furniture that is made to stand up to the unique weather we see here in the Rocky Mountains.

Before purchasing new outdoor furniture, it is always a good idea to first reflect on where you live and how that area is affected by the following three environmental factors: wind, sun, and temperature variance.

Do you live in the windiest spot in Colorado? Not surprisingly, many of our customers come in and say just that. When storms roll through the Mountains and Front Range, the wind tends to rip through back yards like it wants nothing more than to upend your furniture and anything else that happens to be outside. We understand that you want a comfortable and stylish outdoor escape, and we also understand that you would rather not bolt down your patio furniture. Wrought iron, cast aluminum, and wood sets tend to be heavy enough to withstand the high winds that some areas see, but they are still relatively easy to rearrange. In addition to the associated weight of cast aluminum and wrought iron, our furniture has intricate designs that make it stylish, but those designs also serve another purpose: the wind travels through the furniture with much less resistance. All of these textile categories have multiple style variations to choose from because you should not only get outdoor furniture that is built to last, but it should also fit your style perfectly.

Everyone that lives around the mountains knows that the sun is much more intense than at lower elevations, and as such it can wreak havoc on low quality outdoor furniture. There are a few different options when considering patio furniture that will be exposed to direct sunlight. Wood furniture has a softer feel and won’t absorb the heat, making it easy to relax outdoors at any point in the day. However, if wood does not fit the style you are looking for, all of our wrought iron, as well as our cast and extruded aluminum have finishes that are comparable to the finish of your car. Each manufacturer has their own process for powder coating and finishing their products but the result is outdoor furniture that resists fading, no matter how much direct sunlight it is exposed to. In addition to durable finishes, you might consider cushions made from solution dyed acrylic, such as Sunbrella, which also resists fading, but doesn’t have the stiff canvas feel typically associated with cushions at big box stores. These high quality cushions retain a soft, comfortable, cotton-like feel throughout many seasons of use.

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We are a lucky enough to have 4 completely different seasons, and luckier still that those 4 seasons can all make an appearance within the same week, or even the same day. Overall, patio furniture purchased for the Rocky Mountain region needs to be durable enough to last through the harsh winters and be ready to use as soon as the snow melts. Once again, a high quality powder coating on aluminum and wrought iron furniture as well as solution dyed acrylic fabric for the cushions ensures that the furniture’s finish and cushions will look great no matter what the weather decides to do on any given day. Additionally, all of the quality aluminum and wrought iron furniture we carry features 360 degree welds at all joints, which prevents water from entering and weakening the joints. Even though all of the outdoor furniture we sell is designed to last for years in our unique elements; we carry a large selection of protective covers because it is always a good idea to cover your furniture at the end of the summer or other long periods of disuse.

Making the right decision about patio furniture is important because we want you to enjoy what you choose for years to come. While there are so many different styles and textiles to choose from, you can always trust the experts at Christy Sports to help you create the outdoor room of your dreams.