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Enjoy Your Outdoor Room Even Longer With The Ambiance Provided By Fire-Pits

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Everyone knows that warm summer days and cool nights are just one of the many highlights of living in the Rocky Mountains. People throughout Colorado and Utah have embraced using outdoor fire-pits to prolong those beautiful summer evenings. The warmth they offer is eclipsed only by the simplistic yet delightful ambiance afforded by the flames’ inherent light and movement. Ultimately, fire-pits provide a great opportunity to disconnect from the stresses of the day without ever leaving the comfort of your outdoor space.

windMany people are used to seeing the typical rusted out fire bowl and camp-fire inspired ring, and therefore few people know how far fire-pit design has come in the last few years. Today, you can find fire-pits that range in size, shape, height, and most importantly; style. There are still many high-quality wood burning products in the marketplace, but lately there has been a growing trend in propane fueled fire-pits because of the style and consistency that they provide. They can also be converted to run off of a natural gas line. The most common fire-pit, the chat height, is traditionally used in conjunction with deep seating sets and can also be used for lounge height dining. Some manufacturers are even providing Lazy-Susan inserts, making it easier to use your fire-pit as a dining table before removing the insert and enjoying the fire-pit for its original purpose. Traditional dining height fire-pit tables as well as counter height fire-pit tables are also available for those people that want a different way to combine the joy of outdoor dining and the natural atmosphere provided by fire.

sunlightAdding a fire-pit to your backyard retreat is an easy way to create a focal point, one which provides warmth, light and a pleasant ambiance. While most people find it fairly easy to picture themselves relaxing outside by a fire on a cool evening, many of them fail to consider the functionality of a fire-pit when it’s not in use. This typically results in a charred fire bowl that gets pushed into a corner because it serves no other purpose than containing a fire. Since the fire feature won’t always be necessary, it is important that your fire-pit accents the rest of the furniture in your outdoor room instead of detracting from it. In fact, many people add a cover and use their fire-pits in lieu of standard coffee tables, effectively making them the center piece of a comfortable lounge area. Depending on the style, some fire-pits are even designed to have multiple uses. With inserts provided to convert the fire bowl into an ice chest for beverages on hot summer days, some manufacturers are reinventing how we think about traditional fire-pits. From intricately designed cast aluminum tops, to elegant porcelain tile tops, it is easy to find a high quality product that seamlessly ties your outdoor room together. No matter what your personal style, fire-pits are a great way to ensure a relaxing atmosphere on your patio space.

TemperaturesThere is an undeniable appeal to relaxing on your patio on a nice, cool summer evening and watching the flames dance in your fire-pit. They are a great way to extend your evening as well as your summer season, and with the vast selection available today, you will be able to find one that matches your style. Christy Sports has an unprecedented variety of high quality wood burning and propane fueled fire-pits available in stock or for special order, so come in and let the local experts help you create the warm, inviting outdoor space of your dreams.