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Piecing Together the Benefits of Outdoor Sectionals

Christy Sports Veranda - Outdoor Sectionals

Almost everybody can agree; sectional sofas are the pinnacle of comfort and style. So, why limit their use to the indoors? While patio furniture sectionals have been available for some time, each season has brought a host of new designs, manufactures, and textiles into the mix, resulting in the availability of high quality outdoor sectionals that fit virtually any style. The question now becomes not if you should get a sectional sofa for your outdoor area, but rather, which one fits your space and style the best.

multi-sectional configurationOne of the many wonderful things about outdoor sectionals is their ability to be configured differently depending on each person’s specific space constraints. Modular in nature, sectionals provide creative license when designing an outdoor room, allowing you to cater the furniture to your space instead of the other way around. Additional middle units and corner units can be purchased to lengthen either side, create extra angles, and provide more layout options. Crescent and curved sectionals are also available and lend themselves well to both traditional and uniquely shaped outdoor areas. Regardless of the shape, deep seating sectionals can also be used in conjunction with fire-pits to create a comfortable and relaxing outdoor conversational area.

try three sectionalsWhile the ability to customize the configuration of an outdoor sectional is an inherent benefit shared by all modular sets, style takes a giant step to the forefront and becomes a major distinguishing factor between each set. The industry’s top manufacturers have effectively blurred the lines between indoor and outdoor furniture, providing a multitude of designs that can please any style preference. From contemporary concepts through rustic designs, manufacturers are using a variety of materials to create unique aesthetics. Whether you are interested in wood frames, woven frames, metal frames, or any combination of those textiles; you can find a sectional that suits your needs.

a four sectional configurationNo matter which manufacturer and frame style you choose, each sectional at Christy Sports is sold with high quality outdoor cushions. These cushions are made using multiple layers of moisture resistant fill and wrapped with fade resistant fabric. The cushion manufacturing process results in lasting comfort, removing any worry about the cushions fading or breaking down, ultimately allowing you to enjoy your sectional sofa well into the future.

Patio sectionals offer an elegant and supremely comfortable way to transition your interior design into your outdoor room, creating a conversational area you won’t want to leave. Head in to any Christy Sports patio showroom or visit the online catalogue and browse through the largest selection of high quality outdoor sectionals in the Rocky Mountains.