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Umbrellas Provide More Than Just Shade

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It may sound crazy to you, but Christy Sports has over 70 different color and style combinations of umbrellas because while they all provide shade, not all umbrellas are created equally. We believe that a high quality umbrella can do more than block the sun; it is an easy way to express your style by adding a splash of color to your patio.

windUmbrellas come in different heights, canopy sizes, shapes, and tilting options, but the most popular style, the Market umbrella, comes in 7 ½ foot, 9 foot, and 11 foot canopy diameters. The Market style is characterized by 8 sturdy aluminum ribs, creating a pleasant octagonal shape, and is capped with either a round or oblong finial. Market umbrellas can feature push tilt, twist tilt, or crank tilt options, which enables you to change the angle of tilt as needed throughout the day. The push tilt umbrellas have a push button towards the top of the pole, while the collar tilt is located directly above the crank handle. Easiest of all, the crank tilt can be tilted by simply continuing to crank the handle after the umbrella is completely open. The Market style umbrella has gained popularity on patios and cafes worldwide, due to its sturdy design and classic look. Normally, people use these Market umbrellas as a center piece for dining tables, secured by a heavy base underneath the table. Because wind is such a big factor in Colorado and Utah, 50 lb. bases as well as 30 lb. add on weights are good ideas to ensure the longevity of your Market umbrella. The umbrella and base configuration provides ample shade for most outdoor dining tables, including large rectangular tables.

sunlightTypically, umbrellas are usually bought in conjunction with a dining table or a complete dining set, but you might also want to look into free standing cantilevers, which provide an impressive array of shading options. Cantilevers are truly the height of comfort and style where umbrellas are concerned because they can shade incredibly large areas, and they are more versatile than the standard Market umbrella. Setting cantilevers apart from standard umbrellas more than just the large diameter is their ability to change the shaded area quickly and with minimal effort. Each of these versatile canopies has a crank lift for easy opening, a tilt arm that allows for up to 54 degrees of tilt to the left and right, as well as a base that provides 360 degrees of rotation. Because these canopies are so large when completely opened, the 10 foot and 11 foot cantilevers require 250 pounds of sand in the base, while the 13 foot cantilever requires 400 pounds of sand. These sturdy bases help keep the cantilevers in place, and even though they are incredibly sturdy, we always suggest closing the canopy when not in use, or when high winds are expected. When placed between a deep seating area and a traditional dining area, these cantilevers can be easily moved to shade either space, maximizing your time spent enjoying the outdoors, and making cantilevers one of the most popular outdoor trends in recent years.

TemperaturesChristy Sports offers the largest selection of quality Market and cantilever umbrellas in Colorado, and we can help you find the one that fits your needs. Our selection of market umbrellas is simply unbeatable and we carry cantilevers in 10 foot, 11 foot, and 13 foot canopy diameters, all of which are available in multiple colors. Our umbrellas use some of the most notable outdoor fabrics in the industry, as well as sturdy aluminum construction, which ensure the umbrellas longevity throughout many seasons of use. No matter what style you are looking for, Christy Sports is sure to have an umbrella that completes your outdoor room, so come in to any of our conveniently located showrooms and let our expert staff help you with that finishing touch.