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Getting Your Outdoor Furniture Ready for the Winter

Christy Sports Veranda - Winterizing your outdoor furniture

While there are still plenty of perfect days left this summer and fall, it is impossible to ignore that winter is about to knock on our door. Pretty soon the leaves will start changing colors, and then long before most people are ready… surprise, the first snow of the year! No matter when you are ready to relinquish the shorts, sandals, and lazy afternoons outside, there a few things that you can do to get your patio furniture ready for the winter. By taking a little time at the end of this summer season, you are ensuring that your outdoor furniture will be in pristine condition once Spring saunters back into our lives.

Store your cushionsA final round of maintenance is suggested before the winter arrives, including a thorough cleaning with non-abrasive chemicals and an application of any manufacturer suggested sealants or protectors. While cleaning, pay special attention to any nicks or gouges in wrought iron and aluminum furniture, as those will need to be touched up and sealed. During the cleaning process, check to see if you are missing any glides, as they are easy to replace, but can damage your outdoor flooring if left unattended. After all of the furniture is cleaned, it is always best to allow everything to dry completely before covering or storing. Umbrellas used in conjunction with dining sets should be removed, but as a safety precaution, leave the bottom pole attached to the base, allowing it to act as an anchor for the table. Lightly brush off all debris and store the upper half of the umbrella in a dry place. This end of season maintenance is incredibly easy, and it helps to protect your patio furniture’s beauty for years.

Get your patio ready for winterA few other things to consider when winterizing your outdoor room include cushions, rugs, and accessories, as well as general patio furniture placement. Though high quality outdoor cushions are made to be mildew and fade resistant, constant exposure to snow and direct sunlight can drastically impact a cushion’s longevity. Since the Rocky Mountains tend to experience extreme swings in temperature and moisture during the winter, cushions should always be stored in a dry place or covered. Outdoor rugs and any other accessories should also be stored in a dry place. Pay special attention to where your outdoor furniture sits during the winter because many people throughout the mountains have seen their furniture damaged by large chunks of snow and ice falling from their roofs. Additionally, snow should be removed from patio furniture regularly to prevent damage from excessive weight.

Winterize your patio furniture with covers Finally, covering your patio furniture during the winter or other long periods of disuse will protect the finish from harsh sunlight and prevent damage from constant freezing and thawing. While covers are the last and best line of defense for woven, wrought iron, cast aluminum, casual, and sling furniture; protective covers are not recommended for wood patio furniture. Even though quality patio furniture covers are designed to be breathable, they are not recommended for use with wood furniture because any moisture trapped inside will cause the wood to deteriorate. Protective covers come in various sizes, and can be purchased to fit any configuration of dining or deep seating outdoor furniture set. Covers are also available specifically for fire-pits and cantilever umbrellas.

Enjoy your outdoor room for the rest of the summer, but keep these tips in mind when winterizing the rest of your home, and your furniture will be in great condition once summer comes calling again. Christy Sports has a full selection of quality protective covers as well as cushion storage boxes, and touch up paint, so come in and let the patio furniture experts help you get ready for the winter.