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Wood Furniture Is A Naturally Beautiful Addition For Your Deck Or Patio

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It is no wonder why outdoor wood furniture is as popular as it is today. It is inherently durable, naturally beautiful, and works well within a multitude of styles. Apart from those major benefits, one of the biggest draws of outdoor wood furniture is that depending on the company, it can be an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. Be careful here, though, because not all wood furniture is sustainably managed. If you are looking for sustainably harvested wood furniture, pay attention to whether the company is compliant with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Although there are many types of wood furniture to choose from, if you live in the Rocky Mountain region, there are only two types of wood that are sturdy and attractive enough to consider: teak and ipè.

Silver TeakFor over 150 years, teak has been used in boat construction because it can withstand the relentless abuse of variable elements as well as the constant wear and tear of daily use. With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense that teak is one of the most popular choices for outdoor wood furniture because if it can stand up to the rigors of a life at sea, then it will easily endure the elements in your outdoor space. Its natural strength is directly attributed to the dense grain and naturally high oil content which repels water, pests, and deterioration. Even more impressive than its durability however, is the beauty and elegance that teak wood patio furniture provides. Traditionally, teak has a golden, honey colored finish when new which will eventually weather into a beautiful silver-grey patina. This year however, a few manufacturers have responded to a growing customer demand by providing a pre-distressed finish. This weathered look has been extremely popular because it already has a classic style, one which is easily retained with minimal maintenance. Outdoor teak furniture has clean lines which convey elegance, no matter what the finish is, making it an ideal choice for any deck or patio.

IPEOne of the densest hardwoods available, ipè, (pronounced ee-pay) is another great option for wood patio furniture. Found in South America, ipè has a tight grain pattern which provides consistent coloring, resists moisture, and is known for its durability. With a proven sturdiness in high traffic applications such as the Atlantic City Boardwalk, ipè wood’s toughness translates nicely into outdoor furniture. Heavy enough to withstand the windy areas throughout Colorado and Utah, and beautiful in any setting, outdoor furniture made with ipè wood provides a perfect combination of strength and style. The smooth, clean lines of ipè furniture are set off nicely by the dark factory finish. When new, the handsome chocolate brown surface is strikingly attractive, but without regular cleaning, the finish will naturally weather. However, if you are interested in preserving the original color, an immediate application of ipè sealer followed by 2-3 treatments per season will help maintain the rich chocolate factory finish.

TeakChristy Sports only carries wood patio furniture which is FSC compliant and made with high quality sections of the densest parts of the tree. Whether you are looking for teak or ipè wood dining furniture or wood deep seating furniture, you will find an exceptional selection at Christy Sports. Wood patio sets provide a soft transitional look in any mountain setting, but they also work well as an understated, stylish addition to outdoor rooms in the city. This wide range of style applications coupled with an innate natural durability has certainly made outdoor wood furniture exceedingly popular, leaving only one question: which type of wood patio furniture is right for you?