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Woven Furniture Brings A Unique Style To Any Outdoor Room

Christy Sports Veranda - Woven Furniture

Wicker furniture has been around for centuries, originally dating back to ancient Egyptian times and making appearances in multiple periods ever since. Its popularity throughout history can be directly tied to its attractive styling and inherent strength; traits which have only been improved with time. It is no surprise then that such a classic style would be in high demand in outdoor spaces throughout the world today. However, even though wicker has been used for outdoor furniture in the past, natural wicker typically breaks down after being exposed to inclement conditions. While style is always paramount, anyone interested in buying quality outdoor furniture should be equally concerned with durability. The big question then, is how wicker today can stand up to the elements while still delivering an unmatched elegance. Thankfully, some of the top manufacturers have arrived at a solution which blends the impeccable styling of wicker with a durability that surely would have been envied by the ancient Egyptians.

Woven Patio Furinture - DurabilitySynthetic wicker furniture is typically referred to as woven or all-weather wicker, and is the single fastest growing trend in the high quality outdoor furniture industry. One of the driving factors behind the extraordinary demand for all-weather wicker furniture is found within the woven material itself. Instead of using natural wood in the weaving process, top companies are creating synthetic materials which deliver the same elegant style without any of the durability concerns associated with natural wicker. High quality woven furniture is also colored throughout, which means that the color can’t scratch off, a trait which low quality synthetic products and natural wicker can’t claim. As an added benefit, the superior synthetic material doesn’t retain heat and also includes UV inhibitors which discourage fading. Finally, today’s top manufacturers are producing powder coated frames, which, combined with the synthetic material, makes woven furniture easy to maintain and durable enough to last for years in our fickle Rocky Mountain climate.

patio furniture - hybrid materialsUnlike a lot of the other textiles, woven furniture can be crafted into a variety of different transitional styles. From the classic southern inspired front porch swing, to a Caribbean styled sofa, or even a modern sectional; woven furniture can truly fit any style. Moving far beyond the fragile white wicker side table from your childhood, today’s woven furniture exudes class no matter what look you are striving for. In line with the style adaptability of synthetic wicker, is the ability to mix in different materials. Of these striking combinations, wood and metal are the two most popular materials to include with woven furniture. By incorporating other materials with all-weather wicker, manufacturers are able to provide softer looking, elegant furniture that creates an easy transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This versatility is one of the main reasons that the demand for woven outdoor furniture is on such a dramatic rise.

Temperature resistant woven patio furniture People are clamoring for woven designs because when done correctly, all-weather wicker furniture is an exceedingly stylish and comfortable choice for your outdoor room. However, because of the increased demand, many retailers are carrying woven furniture without powder coated frames, as well as poorly dyed material, which results in the same breakdown in durability as natural wicker. We want you to get products that will last, so when you are interested in learning more about high quality woven furniture, just come in to your local Christy Sports, and let the patio furniture experts answer all of your questions. Once your questions are answered and your new furniture arrives, all you have left to do is enjoy the comfort and style of all-weather wicker, and as you do that, you might as well offer up a silent ‘cheers’ to the ancient Egyptians.